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Director and Photography Director for film and video (different formats) with over 20 years of experience in diverse genres: fiction (shortfilms and feature films), comercials, documentals, corporative image, musical videos, TV programs, videoarts, sitcoms, IDs for cable TV networks, special videos for proyecting in concerts and theater plays (as interactives backgrounds).

Experience in Film, Video and High Definition (Digital Cinematography).

Graduated with a College Degree in Advertising and Marketing.

Studies in techniques and arts of Film and Television. Acting Direction in Theater, and 11 years of Music courses (USA and Venezuela).

Languages: Spanish and English.

Recent Works in Spain for the following Production Houses: Kines (Madrid), Dacsa (Valencia), Ikiru Films (Barcelona), Think Studio (Madrid), Socarrat (Valencia), Terratrèmol Produccions (Valencia), Colose Producciones (Madrid), Indigomedia (Valencia), DePalacios (Valencia), Enigma Films (Madrid), Proyecta Films (Valencia), El Médano Producciones (Madrid), No-Domain (Barcelona), TAV (Valencia), Trivisión (Valencia), La Pavanna (Valencia). Awared with The Madridimagen 2007 in second place for "Salvador" (shortfilm awared with the Goya, 2008, directed by Abdelatif Hwidar).

Film and Television works in America and Europe for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, People and Arts, A&E Mundo, PBS New York, MTV Latinoamerica, HBO, Cinemax,Warner Channel, AXN, HBO PLUS, Sony Entertaining Television, National History New Zealand, E Entertainment Television, Venevision, Televen, among others, standing out nature films as cinematographer for fauna, flora, landscapes, microscopic, infrared, underwater, timelapse, special effects, aereal shots (helicopter, ultralight, light airplanes, military planes like F-16, Mirage, Broncos, Tucanos, Hercules), TV reports, interviews, high risk shots, expeditions, etc.

Over 20 years of experience in Photography Direction for advertising spots (comercials) for different clients including Pepsi, McDonald's, CocaCola, El Universal, El Nacional, Movida, Arturo's, Sony Erickson, Movilnet, Brahma Ice, Nikko, Pert Plus, Dove, Kickers, Huggies, Fiat, Kellogg's, etc…

Experience in Audio Post-production (recording, folley, ADR, sound design, midi, electronic synthesis, mixing, mastering and musical production) for audiovisual and record companies proyects.

Experience in Production Design, budgeting for audiovisual proyects. Producer for several comercials, musical videos, documentals and ID promos for cable TV networks. Experience in Post-production for Film, Video and Digital Arts.

Teaching Experience for 10 years in film direction, cinematography and editing (academic level, for corporative needs and several seminars in the Universidad Central de Venezuela, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, and several technical institute s as Escuela de Cine y TV) Workshop in Digital Cinematography en the Film Festival in Panama 2010.

Design, making and direction for the audiovisual show in the Venezuelan pavilion in Expo-Lisboa 98 (multiple screens show) selected in the best five pavilion at the event.

Several awards as golden medals in the BDA (Broadcast Digital Arts in Miami, Florida) in advertising and awards for best cinematography work given by the Cinemateca of Mexico and Venezuela for works in shortfilms, several works in the new York Film Festival selection, several awards in Promac, Miami, Madrid Imagen for shortfilm Salvador (Goya 2008), Direction of Photography for the documental "Garbo, the Spy Who Saved the World", winner of the Goya award for documental film in 2010.

Direction of Photography for the feature film Hora Menos,official selection in Festival of Malaga and winner of Foro Canario in Festival of Las Palmas 2011 with the best Feature.